zondag 30 december 2012

Merry Creepmas

Aidez moi is French for  Help me!

I made a little collage in my "Simply Handmade recycled xmascards book"  for the challenge at:
Poisened Peas Please # 10 Twisted holidays.
Perhaps you wonder why I did what I did, well I'm a vegetarian and I believe our Christmasses are getting a little out of hand.
It's more about the Christmasdinners, food and presents then the real thought behind it. Hear me saying that - I'm not even that religious :-) Hope you enjoyed your Christmas and the best wishes for 2013 for every one!!


3 opmerkingen:

  1. What a fun and beautiful creation.
    Thanks for joining us at Poisoned Peas Please.

  2. Wat heb je dit nou weer super gedaan Marianne, hoe verzin je het toch telkens weer. Toppertje weer. Ik wil jou en allen die je lief zijn een super 2013 toewensen vol met geluk, liefde, gezondheid en creativiteit.
    Liefs van Anita

  3. I'm not religious either Marianne, but I totally agree, it gets more and more commercialised and more and more expensive every year!!!

    Hope you have a great time tonight with Mylo and Nora, we too will be staying in with Fraz because of the fireworks which will probably start around 10pm and go on until around 2am!!! Just one at midnight would suffice!!!

    Speak to you next year!!

    Sam, Martin & Fraz xxxx


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